Work Better With LED Under Cabinet Fixtures

Under Cabinet lighting is a key component of kitchen and workspace task lighting. Whether in a workshop, office, or kitchen, cabinetry blocks overhead light from essential work surfaces. These are the same surfaces which you use for precision tasks, such as cutting and writing. Not only do dark spaces make it more difficult to do precision work, but it can also cause permanent damage to sight. Even so, you tend to overlook  the spaces under cabinets or use low-quality fluorescent light. Fortunately, Kobi Electric has a solution to help shed some light on these problem areas: LED Under Cabinet Fixtures.

The Benefits of LED Under Cabinet Fixtures

Kobi Electric LED Under Cabinet Fixture

LED Undercabinet Fixture

Kobi Electric designs Under Cabinet LED light fixtures with low profiles and quality light output. They accurately reproduce color and disperse light evenly to avoid harsh shadows and unusual coloring. These fixtures are available in multiple lengths and you can daisy-chain them in order to fit any length of cabinetry. Wire these under cabinet fixtures into an existing electric system and utilize a wall switch, or plug them directly into a wall socket and utilize the built-in power switch. These are available in two finishes, white and bronze, and fit into any decor so the

Make sure you are doing those important tasks right with our LED Under Cabinet lighting.